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The Middle School Guidance center's purpose is helping students with their academic achievement throughout the 3 year process. We strive to offer guidance programs that assist students plan and prepare for future education opportunties a well as help them with their personal growth and development.



Change to Semester Grades for Midterm Exams for Middle School Students enrolled in High School Credit classes

A comprehensive review of the data associated with the 2011-2012 administrations of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Biology midterms to middle and high school students; and the 2012-2013 administrations of the Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and U.S. History midterms has led to a decision to eliminate from the calculation of semester averages, student midterm exam scores that adversely affected the student’s quarter one/quarter two average, as assigned by their classroom teacher.

Students whose semester average improved via their midterm examination score will continue to have the score calculated into their average; hence, no change in their grade point averages. Students for whom the midterm exam grade is eliminated may experience a positive change in their grade point averages.



           “Planning Your Success – 4 Year High School Plan” 





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